Sorry, But You Can’t Sue a Mom Over Santa

Sorry, But You Can't Sue a Mom Over Santa

One of my favorite parts of parenthood is the holidays. Birthdays, Halloween, Christmas…it all feels so exciting now that I’m a mom. As we set up our Halloween decorations, I couldn’t wait to start making our girls costumes and go trick or treating. And next comes the deluge of holidays….Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. It’s so much Read Post

Things to Do in the Smoky Mountains with Kids

Things to Do in the Smoky Mountains with Kids

Fall is here and soon the holidays will be approaching, and what Seekender doesn’t like taking a weekend trip to view the fall foliage? One of the most perfect places to see those autumn colors is the Smoky Mountains. We recently were added to the Ultimate Seekender team and went on a lovely weekend adventure to Pigeon Forge, Read Post

Parenting is All About Perspective

Parenting is All About Perspective

As I sat holding our 3 year old while our oldest took a nap, I felt utterly exhausted. I spent the previous few days and nights waking up to clean up vomit or other bodily fluids, doing countless loads of laundry, bleaching down bathrooms, making two trips to the doctor for a strange rash which covered nearly Read Post

Age is More Than Just a Number

Age Is More Than Just a Number

For the past few months I’ve been dreading my birthday. Not because I don’t like to celebrate…I’m actually the total the opposite. I love any excuse to whip up a cake and feel special for the day! But this year it’s different. This year it’s getting real. I suppose that feeling in the pit of my Read Post

Jason Taylor Foundation Goes Back To School Shopping

JT, Amarri, & Zoe

There was loud music, dancing, and Jason Taylor, but it wasn’t Dancing with the Stars…it was shopping with the stars. NFL style! Over Labor Day weekend, former NFL superstar and Miami Dolphins fan favorite Jason Taylor held his 11th annual “Cool Gear for the School Year” program. It’s goal, to help clothe 60 deserving children Read Post

Win Tickets to Disney on Ice Treasure Trove VIP Experience!

Win Tickets to Disney on Ice Treasure Trove VIP Experience

Guess what’s coming back to town South Florida?! That’s right Disney on Ice presents Treasure Trove will be playing at BB&T Center September 17-20, and American Airlines Arena September 23-27, and you’re invited! Who doesn’t love a little Disney magic on ice?! This show celebrates several of Disney’s animated gems, and is supposed to have Read Post

The Importance of Hydration in Young Athletes

Back to sports means one thing, fueling our kids with proper snacks and hydration. But what's enough, and are sports drinks OK? An NFL nutritionist and Sports Scientist break it down!

It’s that time! Back to school means one thing, back to sports. Ballet, gymnastics, and soccer prevail in our home, and we’re always searching for the perfect snacks to fuel our littlest athletes. But equally important is hydration. As most people know, hydration is key for fueling our young athletes. Miami Dolphins Team Nutritionist Mary Ellen Bingham Read Post