What is Father’s Day? [VIDEO]

What is Father's Day?

Ever wonder what your kids think about holidays? I certainly do…so I put our girls in the interview hot seat to get the scoop on their thoughts about their Daddy, Father’s Day, and what it means to be a father. Their answers were cute, poignant, and well…sometimes ridiculous! (Especially the bloopers!) Happy Father’s Day to Read Post

30 Easy Steps to Take Your Kids Swimming

30 Easy Steps to Take Your Kids Swimming

It comes every year, the anticipation and excitement of summer. For most that means loads of time swimming at the beach or pool to beat the extremely hot and humid weather. We are lucky to have a pool in our backyard now, but the first three years of parenthood we lugged our stroller filled with snacks, Read Post

30 Awesome Non-Animated Movies for Kids

30 Awesome Non-Animated Movies for Kids!

It was an innocent question from my daughter in the middle of her first week of summer. “Mom, I know it’s not movie night, but can we watch a movie today?” I didn’t even think twice when I replied, “Sure it’s summer why not? We can watch movies any day this summer, as long as it’s Read Post

PDQ for Father’s Day & Giveaway!

PDQ for Father's Day & Giveaway

Picky eaters reign supreme in our house, and trying to keep things healthy and minimally packaged isn’t always easy. I try to feed our girls mostly organic meals and limit fast food as much as possible.  I even started a #ONENEWFOOD campaign that has stalled and haven’t been able to rouse them to trying new restaurants lately. But Read Post