What Parents Can Learn from Curt Schilling

What parents can learn from Curt Schilling

The news on television, sports talk radio and the web this week has been centered around Curt Schilling, former Red Sox pitcher and his daughter Gabby. A former athlete and proud father tweeted out a congratulations to his daughter about her softball scholarship….and some of the responses he received were vulgar and downright terrifying.  The disgusting tweets Read Post

Top 5 Healthy Snacks for Women On the Go

TOP 5 Healthy Snacks for Women on the Go

How many times has this happened to you? You are late for work, or driving your kids to school and while racing out the door you forget to eat breakfast. You slam down a cup of coffee and feel full enough, but an hour later your tummy grumbles and you groan. Or you pack your children’s Read Post

The Prozac Cat

The Prozac Cat

“How are you?” The text came through on a Friday evening when I was beyond exhausted. My husband was on the road and I had spent three long days going between vets and an internist trying to find out why my cat was scary skinny and ill. I should have noticed he was eating less sooner…and Read Post

DIY Rosette Cake

DIY Rosette Cake

Disclaimer: I am not a professional baker or masquerading as a wanna be food blogger – just thought I’d share what I learned! Oh, and this post contains affiliate links, so if you buy something I may get an itty bitty commission. When Lila asked for a cake covered in roses for her birthday this year I Read Post

The Day She Called Me Mother

The Day She Called Me Mother

 I don’t know if it’s a new phase, because she’s turning six tomorrow, or we’ve watched Tangled too many times…but I wasn’t pleased with the newest name she had for me. Mother.  “Good bye Mother, have a good day!” she said as she left for school this week. Then the next night when she was frustrated Read Post

The Best Lesson I’ve Learned Working in TV

The Best Lesson I've Learned

Everyone always asks what it’s like working in television. “You have the coolest job!” I hear frequently…and for the most part it is pretty fun. Working in sports is thrilling, and challenging, and every night the ending changes. You never know what’s going to happen, and it’s an adrenaline rush being live with no script. Read Post

When Did Valentine’s Day Become Such a Big Flipping Deal?

Valentine's Day Big Flipping Deal

Since we rang in 2015 there have been hearts and cupids adorning every store front window. Commercials and ads have pushed flowers, chocolates, cupcakes and jewelry. And websites and magazines have shown every decadent red velvet and hearts recipe ever invented. (This one included!) I started thinking…is this Hallmark holiday actually pressuring me into planning a Read Post