Why All Kids Need to See Cinderella

Why All Kids Need to See

In the final scenes of Disney’s newest version of the old classic tale Cinderella, the narrator Helena Bonham Carter reads as Cinderella is about to face the Prince,  One of the hardest things we can do is allow others to see us as we really are…” But that’s just what Lily James who portrays Cinderella does…she bravely shrugs Read Post

Parenting is Not A Competitive Sport


“I used to be so judgey”, like Lauren from Oh Honestly once wrote, before and after I had my first baby. Before I actually grew up…because that’s what parenthood makes you do – become a real life bonified grown up. It makes you put someone else’s needs before yours, no matter how exhausted and bleary Read Post

What Parents Can Learn from Curt Schilling

What parents can learn from Curt Schilling

The news on television, sports talk radio and the web this week has been centered around Curt Schilling, former Red Sox pitcher and his daughter Gabby. A former athlete and proud father tweeted out a congratulations to his daughter about her softball scholarship….and some of the responses he received were vulgar and downright terrifying.  The disgusting tweets Read Post